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Angels/Yankees ALCS

Posted by on Friday, 16 October, 2009

Major League baseball – It’s always been a pitchers game.  Starter, middle reliever and closer.  It is playoff time 2009 and we are watching the pitchers bullpen take over the game.  What is happening to the effectiveness of the starting pitcher?  During two of the American League Division Series games at Yankee Stadium, four starting pitchers were used, while 19 pitchers came out of the bullpen to finish the games.

Flashback  to 1969, the first American League Championship Series, Baltimore Orioles vs. Minnesota Twins.  Three game series with a  Baltimore sweep.  Six starters threw the first pitch and 12 pitchers came out of the bullpen in relief.  Minnesota starters pitched two complete games while Baltimore’s starter pitched a complete game two.

Flashback to 1995,  the first American League Division Series.  New York Yankees vs. Seattle Mariners.  A five game series.  Ten starters were used while 31 pitchers came out of the bullpen.

2009, not much has changed – it is still a pitcher’s game.